Xplore: From Creation to Renewed Creation: Biblical Visions of God's Good Future

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2022 at 10:00AM Repeating event

Canadian Mennonite University

Discovery can be a life-long delight. Xplore offers courses that investigate dimensions of the Christian faith, our world, and life in it. All without any assignments or examinations!

The Fall 2022 Xplore program will come to you in person and online, making courses available broadly across Canada and beyond.


From Creation to Renewed Creation: Biblical Visions of God’s Good Future
With Dan Epp-Tiessen, CMU Associate Professor Emeritus of Bible

This course will explore biblical visions of God’s good future as portrayed in the Old Testament prophets, the book of Daniel, the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the challenging book of Revelation. The course will claim that the New Testament asserts that the God who lovingly created the world and always remains sovereign over it, will ultimately heal this groaning creation, and resurrect human bodies to enjoy fulness of life in a renewed creation. This vision stands in contrast to a popular end-times script according to which Christians will be raptured out of this world and then the planet will be trashed by a series of disasters. The course will also explore how our vision of God’s good future shapes Christian life in the present.


Canadian Mennonite University, 500 Shaftesbury Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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