Xplore Class: Beings in Time: The Challenges of Living Our Best Life in Contemporary Society

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023 at 10:00AM Repeating event

Canadian Mennonite University

Beings in Time: The Challenges of Living Our Best Life in Contemporary Society
Paul Redekop is a CMU Associate Professor Emeritus and author of the book Inner Peace Through Conflict Transformation.

The course will examine the major challenges that make up significant chapters in the stories of each of our lives. These challenges include establishing our adult identity, achieving intimacy, realizing the joy in helping and guiding the next generation, and as we grow older, fully accepting the lives we’ve lived. The challenge of establishing our adult identity is shaped by contemporary issues such as gender identity, and the changing nature of work and family life. The challenge of achieving intimacy is linked with the changing nature of courtship and marriage. The joy of parenting and mentoring is seen through the lens of the nature of parenthood in contemporary society. Radical acceptance of our lives as we’ve lived them takes place in the context of how ageing is seen in our society and the effects of ageism. An underlying theme will be what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be ourselves as we address the basic challenges of adult life.

Xplore: Keep Thinking
At the Intersection of Faith and Life, An Enrichment Program



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